February 18, 2020

On Your Mark, Get Set…READ!

Fairfield Public schools is partnering with the Fairfield Public library for our summer reading program. The public library has developed a fun and engaging reading tracker and online system to record a student’s reading.  Participants will need to register online by visiting the children’s summer reading page at the Fairfield Public Library.

Students can log their reading minutes each day on their account. This account can be accessed from   any device that has an internet connection. You can also request a paper log, but in order to earn a place in the “Hall of Champions,” the minutes do have to be recorded online. Explore the summer reading website for more information. There are prizes, raffles and other fun activities planned all summer by the Fairfield Public Library. This brochure will provide the information about the program and also includes a raffle tracker to win prizes at the library.

At the end of the summer we will total how many minutes our NSS students have read. Our goal is to read over 5000 minutes as a school community!  If we reach our goal, all of NSS will get to DANCE! We will have a school-wide dance party out on the NSS soccer field in September! Mrs. Jackson will be there to lead the school!

All students are invited to the Fairfield Public Library Kick-Off Party at Owen Fish Park on Monday, June 20th from 10:00-12:00. Please see attached kickoff party flyer for more information.

Here are some great book list recommendations by age.

Parents, please remember to read aloud to your children too! This is true for even older elementary students. Although a child can read at a certain level, his/her “listening” level may be far beyond that. Children can enjoy more complicated plots than those they can read themselves. Have a wonderful time reading and enjoying books this summer!!

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