July 12, 2020

NSS Friday Flash 03/20/2020

 NSS PTA Friday Flash
March 20, 2020

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Week: March 23, 2020 
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This is the first time I have written the words “it was a great first week” twice in the same year, however, they are most appropriate at this point in time to share with our fabulous NSS community.  It really “takes a village” and we are so lucky to have ours.  Many thanks to all of our faculty, students, and parents for looking at all the changes in a positive and exciting way.  Our lives have really been turned upside down and yet we have come together and supported one another well.  I know the upcoming weeks will continue to challenge us but I like to think of all the celebrations we should maintain focus on.  Let’s start by celebrating that our children experienced school in a way they will never forget.  This is a real life example for them of how to always have a growth mindset and use every experience and challenge as an opportunity to grow.  Thank you all for the many positive comments to our teachers and for your understanding that this is a big learning curve for all of us.  Patience should be our most important word now and always.  We started distance learning way ahead of the rest of the schools in our state and we should all be very proud.  Please look forward to many new ways to keep your children in a school experience that will be designed to keep a balance as best as we can.  We will try something new each week but will also keep in mind how overwhelming it can be.  Don’t stress over any of the small stuff like whether or not your child will get credit if he/she only goes on google classroom for a short time in one day.  The life lessons they are learning right now are the most important ones.  They are lucky to live with such wonderful role models at home.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to us by email if you need any help – teachers did ask me to share with you that it is best to use their school email when you need an answer to something rather that commenting in Google Classroom as they can’t keep up with all the comments and their emails too.  Please use this time to reconnect as a family.  That will be something our children value the most as well.  So – stay safe and healthy in both mind and spirit.  Remember our NSS family will continue to weather this storm together and stay proud – we are the NSS TIGERS and tigers ROAR!!!

Please take a moment to read these words of wisdom from our School Psychologist, Corie Goldman and School Social Worker, Peter Tolk. As all of our NSS Staff, they are working round the clock to support the NSS Community.

K-5 Families,
We hope this message finds you and your family home and healthy. We have an amazing NSS community and will get through this together! We have been asked about our One School One Book initiative and how it will continue. We are happy so many students are eager for the next trivia questions and vocab words! Attached are the questions for the remainder of the book along with the calendar of dates. Feel free to read ahead at your family’s leisure. Enjoy! 
Darcy Stiber and Jessica Brinsmade
Language Arts Specialists

The PTA would like to take a moment to extend our gratitude to all of our NSS families. We all miss being at our beloved school and we’re all doing our best to keep our children engaged in their lessons and with their friends. We are so thankful to have such a close community at NSS!
Please continue to utilize our “NSS PTA” Facebook page. Please join us if you haven’t already. It’s great to see our community helping each other and supporting each other throughout this process. We can do this! Together! Go Tigers! 

To all that forwarded the information about Fairfield Social Services Food Drive along, our gratitude…They had an incredible outpouring of support, and are overwhelmed with the amount of supplies they received! Per request, any further donations should be directed to Operation Hope.
636 Old Post Road Fairfield, CT 06842. Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm
50 Nichols Street, Fairfield CT, 06842. Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm

CHANGE IN PLANS PADS: If a ‘change of plans’ pad is needed, please send in $3 cash or check payable to NSS PTAPlease indicate your child’s name and class so we know who to deliver it to. Please allow up to a week to receive a new pad.
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