August 15, 2020

Art in the Classroom

Nurturing a curiosity for classical art

The NSS Art in the Classroom program offers a unique opportunity for early exposure to great artists, their techniques, artistic movements, genres, and styles.

About the Program

For over 20 years our parent volunteers have been instrumental in the success of the Art In the Classroom program. In addition to the wonderful Art program that is part of the children’s weekly curriculum, parent volunteers act as support to the creative efforts of the school. They are an essential delivery mechanism of some important facets of artistic knowledge and a contributing catalyst to fueling a lifetime of artistic appreciation.
Learn more about the program in this detailed overview (PDF) and review this year’s list of featured artists (PDF).

Artist Presentations and Artwork

OCTOBER: Vincent van Gogh Digital Artwork: Download (.zip)
NOVEMBER: Pieter Bruegel Digital Artwork: Download (.zip)
DECEMBER: Pablo Picasso Digital Artwork: Download (.zip)
JANUARY: Henri Matisse Digital Artwork: Download (.zip)
FEBRUARY: William H. Johnson Digital Artwork: Download (.zip)
MARCH: Georgia O’Keeffe Digital Artwork: Download (.zip)
APRIL: Mary Cassatt Digital Artwork: Download (.zip)

Previous year’s presentations

Elements of Art

Download the digital versions (.zip) of the Elements of Art posters for use during your presentations.


As we put together this year’s schedule we will be updating this page with downloadable presentation materials. The calendar below will reflect the teachers who have scheduled presentations and the parent or parent team that will be presenting. If there is an open slot we encourage you to contact the Scheduling Coordinator, Carolyn Wasserlauf, at to sign up.

Resources for Parent Volunteers

  • Rules and Guidelines (PDF) – A quick list of things volunteers may need to reference before they present.
  • Volunteer Registration Form and Waiver of Liability – this form is required for all parents to print and return to the Main Office. You can get one from the office.