July 12, 2020

Executive Board Members

President and President-Elect

NSS Presidents serve a two-year term. They develop PTA goals and plans; develop PTA Budget with assistance of Treasurer; run all PTA meetings; are responsible for all PTA communications; attend monthly PTA Presidents’ meeting; and represent the PTA in town matters and advocate for education.
This year’s President is Kelly Imschweiler and President Elects are Tracy Palmer and Annie Ringelheim.

Vice President, Board of Education and Kindness Committee

Attends Board of Education meetings and presents meeting summary at PTA meetings.
This year’s VP is Katie Flynn.

Vice President, Programs and Volunteers

Coordinates initial volunteer sign up for programs and organizes volunteers needed throughout the year and a variety of onsite enrichment programs.
This year’s VP is Brigid Holms.

Vice President, Communication

Coordinates our parent communications both via email and on our website.
This year’s VP is Hannah Choi.

Vice President, Fun & Fundraising

Coordinates PTA fundraising and social events throughout the school year.
This year’s VP’s are Daniella Kohler and Gillian Mongirdas.

Vice President, In-School Programs and Literacy

Coordinates and promotes literacy programs for our students and families.
This year’s VP is Lauren Brill.


Records minutes of PTA meetings and provides at subsequent meeting. Presents correspondence received at PTA meetings and is also responsible for outgoing correspondence as necessary.
This year’s Secretary is Deirdre Sikora.


Prepare the annual PTA Budget with guidance of PTA Presidents; responsible for accounting for PTA revenues and expenditures; presents financial information at PTA meetings.
This year’s Treasurer is Ed Lee and Treasurer-Elect is Stephanie Schacher.

Past President Advisor

Provides advice to PTA Board as requested; chairs PTA Search Committee, responsible for filling the open PTA positions.
This year’s Advisors are Kelly McWhinnie and Torey Strauser.