July 12, 2020

Programs and Volunteers

After School Enrichment

A five-week program that runs after school usually in the fall and winter, where organized classes are offered in Art, Drama, Sciences, Language, Sports, Crafts, Cartooning and many others. The courses are run by professionals. Parents are needed to set up the schedule, and organize the classes and room assignments.

Art in the Classroom

This is an art appreciation program presented by volunteers in each classroom for approximately 30 minutes 3-4 times per year. Volunteers are supplied with information about the artist and his or her work, resource books, material and suggestions for a successful presentation. No prior art history or teaching background is needed. Learn more here.


Create banners for new teachers to the school to hang near their classrooms. All supplies are provided by the PTA. All you need is a bit of creativity.

School Enhancements

Maintain the gardens around NSS, and add/replenish plants as needed, to help keep our school grounds looking as beautiful as they do.

Birthday Board

Put together the Birthday Bulletin Board each month in the front entrance of the school. Also responsible for addressing the birthday cards from Mrs. Jackson to each child at the beginning of each month.

Scouts Liaison

Acts as liaison between Cub Scout program and PTA.

C.A.N.E. Connecticut Audubon Nature Explorers

This is an environmental education program for K-2 students. You can share the excitement of nature with your child and his/her class both in the classroom and on outdoor field trips. Volunteers teach 45-minute classes 3 times during the year for grades K and 1, and 2 times per year for grade 2 as part of the science curriculum. No prior natural history or teaching background is required.
Training and materials will be provided by the Connecticut Audubon Society and the Birdcraft Museum. Saturday training classes are available.

Celebration Books

Books are purchased and donated to the library. The books are dedicated in the student or teacher’s name for special occasions such as first day of school, birthdays, graduation, holidays, etc. Books can be purchased independently or through the library.


NSS utilizes https://nsspta.membershiptoolkit.com/ to operate our online directory.  Families that join the NSS PTA before October 1st receive a paper directory free of charge.  Committee members input and monitor all the information needed and organize the PTA membership drive in the beginning of the year and keep track of new members throughout the year utilizing the directory.

Diversity Day

A program for 5th graders to interact in a variety of scenarios that allows them to experience and better understand differences and disabilities that are part of our lives. Many hands needed to work the various stations which include balance and coordination, vision perception, fine motor skills, hearing and speech difficulties and others.


Coordinate the 11-week drama production in the winter, which culminates in a theatrical performance by the children. Coordinate the mini workshops in the fall as well.

Fairfield Arts for Youth (F.A.Y.)

Town wide performances determined by Fairfield PTA Council and provided to all Fairfield Elementary Schools. Coordinator plans for the days.

5th Grade Chair

Coordinates a committee for 5th grade year-end activities including a spring social, D.A.R.E. graduation, Moving Up Ceremony and class gift. Can be done with a partner.

Fuel for Learning and Health, Safety & Fitness

Provides food and refreshments at PTA meetings, Welcome Back Tea, Teacher Luncheon, and other requested events.

Jump Rope for Heart
Kids Art Stationery

Volunteer coordinates the art stationery program where children color and then send in to be printed into cards.

Odyssey of the Mind

O.M. is an international creative problem-solving program for students in grades K-12. Teams of 7 students, with parent coaches, work on 1 or 5 given problems, culminating in a performance and/or competition in the Spring.


This committee helps enrich the existing curriculum by inviting local authors and holding special assemblies. These programs are brought into the school during school hours and volunteers are needed to help ensure the event runs smoothly.


A National PTA Arts Contest where students are posed with a theme and create an original photo, song, dance, writing, etc. that connects to that year’s theme. NSS has two divisions, grades K – 2 and 3 – 5, and students may submit up to one entry for each of the six categories. All NSS participants are recognized with an award ribbon and certificate. Submissions will be evaluated by a local committee and first place NSS winner’s in each division and category will have their submission mailed to the Connecticut PTA state level competition. First place state winners will be submitted to the national competition.

River Lab

This program is part of the science curriculum taught in grades 3-5. Through the guided field trips to the Mill River Open Space and the Southport Beach Estuary, students learn about the environment and our effect on it. Training is required of all volunteer field trip guides. This is a great way to meet your child’s classmates, take a hike in the fresh Fall or Spring air and learn about our eco-system.

Room Volunteer Coordinators

Coordinate the Room Volunteer program including holding an organizational meeting to establish a volunteer coordinator for each classroom.
One coordinator is needed for K-2 and one for 3-5. Coordinators also solicit volunteers to donate and deliver a meal for Operation Hope and organize Teacher Appreciation Week.

School Pictures

Coordinate parent volunteers to assist the photographers with student photos at the beginning of the year and then again with re-takes (usually a few weeks later).


Liaison between Septa and NSS PTA.


Provides “rays of sunshine” to the North Stratfield community members by sending cards or gifts at times of sadness or other events.

Variety Show

This committee coordinates a showcase of NSS talent at the show or shows in the spring. Responsibilities include coordinating rehearsal schedules, managing the sound and lighting systems and the stage crew.


Web master keeps the NSS PTA website up and running, inputs all new information, and sends out electronic mailings.