July 12, 2020


Hours of Operation*
Regular Student Hours: 8:55 – 3:30
Delayed Opening Hours: 10:55 – 3:30
Early Dismissal Hours: 8:55 – 1:40


*Supervision is provided 10 minutes before & 15 minutes after the regular school day hours.

Please Note: If you have a bus concern after 4:00, you may need to contact the Laidlaw Bus Supervisor directly at (203) 255-8385.


Academic Records

The school must maintain minimal personal data on each student. If a parent wishes to examine his or her child’s record file he/she may arrange to do so by contacting the principal’s office.



There are two times a year that are set aside for parent conferences. The conferences are usually scheduled in October and March. In addition, parents or teachers may request additional conferences to discuss a child’s progress should the need arise. Parents are always welcome to contact your child’s teacher at any time.


Dress Code

Students must wear sneakers to school on gym days and hats are not to be worn in the school building. Please send your child to school in appropriate clothes for outdoor recess, especially in the winter. This should include snow pants, boots, hats, and gloves when there is snow on the ground. The children do go out on most days, so they should be dressed accordingly.


Field Trips

The specifics of the field trip are sent home in the form of a permission slip from your child’s teacher. Students always travel by bus. Signed permission slips are always required.


Homework Policy

We encourage parent involvement in special projects/papers. The final written product, however, whether handwritten or word processed is expected to be the student’s.


Library Media Center

Each child is assigned a number which will be used to check out books and magazines. Books are usually borrowed for one week. When a book becomes overdue you will receive a notice from the Librarian. If the book is not returned, you will be responsible to pay for the book.


Lost and Found

The Lost and Found is located in the corner of the All Purpose Room (APR). All things that are left at the playground, APR, etc. can be found in this box. The box is emptied and all unclaimed items are donated twice a year before the school breaks. PLEASE label all items: backpacks, lunchboxes, clothing, coats, hats, etc.



North Stratfield’s mascot is the tiger and the school colors are blue and white.


Report Cards

Report cards are issued three times a year for grades 1-5, and twice a year for Kindergarten. They are a tool to measure academic growth. Grades achieved on the report card are measured by a variety of classroom activities. Questions regarding a child’s achievement should be addressed directly to the teacher. An explanation of the grading system is available through the classroom teacher.


Room Liaison

Each classroom has a Room Liaison. This person coordinates with the classroom teacher the volunteer needs of the class (i.e. parties, field trips, etc.). The activities are divided up between all interested parties.


School Directory

This is a phone directory of all NSS families. In addition, it includes class lists, a list of faculty, the school calendar, current year PTA Board and Chairpersons, and much more. This will be your lifeline for playdates, carpooling, etc. Additional directories may be purchased for $3 each by sending a note to the Directory committee.


  • Art is once a week.
  • Physical Education (PE) is twice a week for 1-5 and once a week for K.
  • Music is twice a week for 1-5 and once a week for K.
  • Recorder lessons start in 3rd grade.
  • Orchestra is offered in 4th and 5th grades.
  • Band is offered in 5th grade.
  • Computer is flexible and determined by the teacher.
  • Library is flexible and determined by the classroom teacher.


Standardized Testing

The students participate in several standardized testing programs. The Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT) is administered to children in grades 3, 4, and 5. It is administered in March. The results of the tests are mailed to your home. The Test of Cognitive Abilities is administered to children in grades 3 and 5 in the Spring.



NSS has two, one-week vacations in: December and April.



All visitors and volunteers must sign in at the office upon arrival, pick up a visitor badge, and sign out upon departure. This includes field trips, meetings, lunch, classroom activities, etc. All volunteers must fill out a Volunteer Registration Form.