July 12, 2020

Health and Wellness

The school nurse provides the health care and immediate first aid in case of an accident or sudden illness. The nurse will call the parent or guardian to come to school if the child becomes sick. It is important that the school nurse have the emergency numbers (including cell phones and pagers) and family physician information.

It is the policy of the Fairfield Public Schools that all students with a temperature of 100 degrees or greater with or without symptoms will be excluded from school. If your child has a fever, please be sure they are fever free for 24 hours before returning to school. Students diagnosed with Strep Throat are allowed to return to school 24 hours after treatment has started and they are fever free. Also, be sure to tell us when your child has Strep as this is a reportable Communicable Disease. Please do not send your child to school if he/she has red, tearing, itching or crusty eyes. A student with conjunctivitis may return to school after starting medication only if the eye has stopped itching and discharging.



It is necessary for parents to call the school whenever your child is absent to ensure that every child who leaves home in the morning will arrive safely at school. If your child will be absent or late, call the absentee call in number (203) 255-8416. A recorded message will say, “Thank you for calling North Stratfield Student Absentee line. After the sound of the tone please state your child’s name, teacher, and illness (be brief). Do not put any other message on the tape.” Please call by 9:00 a.m. If your child is late to school in the morning, they need to go to the office and get a late slip before they will be permitted to go to their classroom.



Prescription and/or over-the-counter medications may not be dispensed (or sent in with students to take on their own) during school hours unless a medication authorization form is filled out and signed by both and parent. These forms may be obtained in the nurse’s office. This includes cough drops. The medication, when sent in to school, must be in its original container, brought in by an adult and given directly to the Nurse. Children are allowed to carry chapstick/lip balm but it must be labeled with their name.


Pediculosis (Head Lice)

Checks will be done at the beginning of the school year, then at periodic intervals throughout the year. Any affected student will be sent home until treatment is given.



Vision and hearing screenings are done during the year. Parents will be contacted if any discrepancies are discovered. Postural screening is done at the 5th grade level and Color Vision is done at the 1st grade level.