July 12, 2020

Transportation and Safety

School Bus

The town provides transportation for children in grades K-5 who live more than 3/4 mile from the school. Bus assignments will be mailed prior to the opening of school.

Children are to ride only their assigned bus to and from school. No exceptions. A child may get off at a different bus stop only with written permission from their parent or guardian. The child must show this note to their teacher and then give it to the bus driver as they get on the bus for the ride home.

If the child is not taking the bus on a certain day, please send in a note to the child’s teacher indicating that the child should be dismissed as a walker for that day.

The following are some simple rules recommended for your child’s safety. Please take a few minutes to talk to your child about these safety rules.

Wait only at the designated bus stop on the correct side of the street and wait until the bus comes to a complete stop.

  • Respect private property at the bus stop.
  • Remain seated while the bus is moving.
  • Speak in a normal voice   no screaming.
  • Realize that the bus driver is in charge.

For lost and found questions pertaining to the bus, call (203) 255-8385.


Delayed Opening/Early Dismissal

Delayed Opening 10:55 am
Early Dismissal (includes K) 1:40 pm

Occasionally, inclement weather makes it prudent for the safety of the students to have a delayed opening or an early dismissal. Delayed openings are 2 hours after the normal starting time. Buses will operate 2 hours later than usual on those days. Early dismissal is 1:40 pm which includes Kindergarten’s short day (1:40 instead of 1:10).

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardians to listen to the local radio stations (WICC-600 AM WEZN-99.9 FM) for specific information. The decision to close school early is made no later than 11:00 a.m. You can also call 255- TALK or sign up for automatic e-mail alerts at the following website: K12 Alerts Website.


Please Note

All changes in your child’s regular routine should be in writing to the teachers for each occurrence or the normal routine will be followed (e.g. if the child normally takes the bus and does not have a note to stay for After School Enrichment, the child will be sent home on the bus). Change-in-Plans pads are available through the Welcome Committee. In case of an emergency, you can call the school, prior to 1pm and speak to the secretary.


Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedure

Children in grades K-2 are dismissed by class through the classroom doors which lead to the front playground near the soccer field. Grades 3, 4 & 5 are dismissed from their classroom. If you are picking up your child, you should park your car and wait on the side- walk outside the classroom doors for lower grades (all children in K-2 must be picked up by an adult) or outside on the blacktop for upper grades.

Morning Drop Off

Children may begin arriving at 8:40. Pull up to the curb in front of the building and drop your child off. Have your child exit the car closest to the curb. Do not park in this area. Children should enter the front door of the building and proceed to their classrooms.

Afternoon Pick up

Walkers are dismissed at 3:30. Students par- ticipating in after school programs (i.e.: After School Enrichment, Scouts, Soccer, etc.) will be dismissed to the Gym. You should meet children participating in these activities in the Gym.



Cars are never to park or wait in the bus loop outside the APR. The school parking lot, next to the bus loop is well marked, designating fire lanes, staff parking and visitor parking. Please observe posted signs and markings. All cars must park in a parking space. Cars are never to park or wait in the fire lanes.


Bike Rider Policy

Helmets must be worn, as required by law. Parents must send in a signed note for bike riders. Riders must walk their bike on school property. Bike riding to school is not recommended for children under grade 2 unless accompanied by an adult. Bikes must be stored and locked in the bike rack located on the sidewalk in the bus loop.